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                                         STUDY ON THE OCTANTS SELECTOR ERROR OF ADC SIGNALS                                         OF SINE-COSINE ROTATING TRANSFORMER 


Dorosinsky Anton Yurievich, Head of laboratory, Research institute of electromechanical devices (Penza),
Chernetsov Vladimir Ivanovich, Doctor of engineering sciences, professor, deputy director of Penza branch
of Russian State University of innovative technologies and entrepreneurship, 

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This article is devoted research to errors of the octants selector which be in structure of the ADC of signals of the resolver (RDC). In article outlines the main principles and features of work of the octants selector. Analytical dependences of errors are received and presented. The recommendations on the use of the given dependences in the sphere of metrological support of production are made. The way of increase of accuracy of work of the octants selector at the expense of reduction of influence of phase shifts of a signal of the resolver by a variation of time of a delay which is used for formation of result of convertation is offered. 

Key words

error, selector oktants, RDC, resolver, phase shift. 

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